Head of Channel Development

Dubai United Arab Emirates

3 months ago

Years of Experience

15 - 25 years

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Monalisa Barua

Talent Advocate at WhiteCrow


About our client

Our client is a pioneer in the Tobacco Manufacturing Industry, with its headquarters situated in the United States. They have successfully expanded their operations to over 180 countries, representing five distinguished regional certifications, namely Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America, and Latin America. With a workforce of more than 75,000 talented individuals worldwide, our client has truly established itself as a global leader in the industry.


What sets our client apart is their unwavering commitment to innovation and progress. They have embarked on a remarkable journey of transformation, with a resolute aim to create a smoke-free future. This ambitious endeavor has completely redefined every aspect of their business, from the production and distribution of their products, to how they interact with their customers and society as a whole.


By embracing this transformation, our client has proved to be a trailblazer in their industry, setting an example for others to follow. With their pioneering vision and steadfast determination, they are poised to create a future that is free from the harmful effects of smoking. 

Job description


Business Analysis

  • Drives Channel analysis (Overall channel-based segment / portfolio trends within different geographies, consumer trends, competitive analysis for the channel. Analysis of total channel business value and contribution of PMIDF & other TMOs). 
  • Drives Industry analysis (Multicategory Trends Follow Up, Account & Channel Based overall Financials / P&L / Performance analysis, Follow up activities of regional / global duty-free associations, Follow up of regulatory developments etc.) for the channel. Ensures industry analysis is considered as part of the channel strategy and plans.
  • Monitor the net operating revenue drivers (volume, price, mix effects) and the progress of trade terms for key accounts within the channel.
  • Channel performance KPIs and conduct regular channel performance tracking and reporting to Duty Free’s MT.
  • Post activity and ROI assessments within the channel.

Strategy Definition

Channel Development:

  • Defining a channel value proposition and consequent business model that ensures short term profitability and future long term business growth. 
  • Owns the trade spend strategy & identify channel-based investment metrics which define the criteria and business drivers. 
  • Responsible for defining and championing a PMIDF touchpoint segmentation and gives and gets framework to prioritize investment within the channel. Ensuring these are incorporated into the negotiation with key accounts and consequent post implementation within the channel. 

Business Development & Partnering

Portfolio Planning:

  • On selective cases and with strong substantiation, proposes channel-based adaptations from the global portfolio strategy based on input from Customer Development and overall business priorities for the channel.

Digital Marketing and CX:

  • Work together with Marketing stakeholders to identify Consumer Journey within the channel and opportunity to engage LAS. Make proposals to develop/adapt toolboxes that improve the quality of engagement within the channel in line with channel’s value proposition and agreed objectives.
  • Explore joint with Marketing digital solutions that could increase the consumer experience within the channel.


  • Formulate recommendations to adapt DF’s pricing strategy within the channel by incorporating in the analysis channel-specific levers.
  • Work together with S&PD team to formulate a pricing strategy for new business expansion scenarios within the channel.
  • Review trade remuneration frameworks to ensure these take into consideration channel specific levels and objectives. When necessary, propose adaptations of the framework that better accommodate channel needs.

Commercial Planning:

  • Works together with the Commercial Planning team to ensure that business cases for new portfolio introductions or market expansions incorporate channel specific objectives, enablers and metrics.

Channel Development Mission

  • Channel Development’s main goal is to develop and maintain channel specific strategies, tools and processes to drive business expansion and innovation with an in-depth understanding of value proposition of the channel and consequent channel growth opportunities. This is achieved through:
  • Assessing business's performance within the channel as well as other internal and external factors (consumer, competition, channels and industry) impacting profitability, SoM and revenue growth opportunities. Use fact based, data driven analysis to synthetize information, draw insights and conclusions and formulate a comprehensive channel strategy
  • Jointly working with Head of Portfolio to identify right portfolio assortment within the channel based on an in-depth understanding of the consumer base transiting in the different geographies that have a strong channel presence. 
  • Partnering with the Digital Marketing team to identity the ideal engagement strategy and toolboxes to support channel growth opportunities.
  • Partnering with S&PD to develop a cohesive pricing and trade remuneration strategy based on an in-depth understanding of the channel and the main strategic levels to achieve business objectives for the channel.
  • Working together with Area Deployment Heads to identify the main KAs partners across the channel and formulate a cohesive negotiation strategy that foster category growth within the channel.

Area Deployment

  • Field Intelligence: Industry, Channel, Consumer & Competition
  • Account Planning & Negotiation
  • Deployment & executional excellence


  • PMIDF Strategy & LRP (Portfolio, Pricing, etc.)
  • Pricing strategy & data modelling
  • Monthly COT, NOR & Cost Alignment


  • Portfolio and CX Experience Strategy
  • Digital marketing toolboxes

External Affairs

  • Regulatory environment impacting channel growth potential.


  • Should have experience in channel specific strategies, tools and processes to drive business expansion and innovation with an in-depth understanding of value proposition of the channel and consequent channel growth opportunities.
  • Exposure in Commercial projects experience (channel development, commercial strategy, etc)
  • Should be from FMCG background (or related such as F&B, cosmetics, electronics) industries experience.
  • Excellent experience in Strategy Planning, Commercial Development and Channel Development.
  • Should look after profit, revenue etc.

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Monalisa Barua

Talent Advocate at WhiteCrow

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