Human Resources Business Partner

Perai Malaysia

a month ago

Years of Experience

5 - 10 years

Workplace Type


Seniority Type



Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

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People Management SkillFacilitation SkillsManufacturing SkillsConsultingHR Services

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Gurleen Chopra

Talent Advocate at WhiteCrow


About our client

Our client is a US based MNC and a leader in manufacturer of electronic, electrical, and fiber optic connectivity systems. They offer over 100,000 products across a variety of industries, including data communications, medical, industrial, automotive and consumer electronics. It is considered the second largest electronic connector company in the world.

Job description

Role Description:

  • Ensures effective and efficient delivery of superior HR services that strive towards excellence results.  
  • Involvement in Internal ER and IR activities. 
  • Be proactive partner to advance company culture


  • Serve as a trusted partner and contact point for support in HR related matters to the Operations department. 
  • Partner with management (HR Director and HRM) in implementing and executing HR partnering objectives and strategies. 
  • Identify workforce needs to devise talent acquisition and retention strategies.
  • Follow through on the succession planning, career development and talent development program of the Company and ensures that employees receive training and development activities as planned.
  • Manage employee relations issues including disciplinary problems, conflict resolution and performance management.
  • Maintain industrial harmony and to ensure all employee grievances being manage appropriately.
  • Conduct exit interviews of resignees and take follow up action as appropriate.
  • Conduct investigations and domestic inquiry as at when necessary and to ensure that it is been carried out fairly and adhere to the regulation and Act.  
  • Attend to labor issues at Industrial Relations or Labor Office.
  • Assist in managing organizational change initiatives and Company Culture (Principles Based Management) internalization.
  • Be the host of our client in Malaysia” and assist HR Director/HR Manager and the business to organize company’s events and ER activities if any.
  • Accountable for compliance of rules, procedures and requirement in term of;
  • Environmental Health Safety
  • RBA & Social Responsibility 
  • International Standards Organization (ISO) and Management Systems
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by management.



  • REQUIRED: Diploma/Degree in any discipline.
  • PREFERRED: Degree in Administration, Human Resource, Communication.


  • REQUIRED: 5 years of experience.
  • PREFERRED: Familiar with manufacturing sector and RBA audit.

What Will Put You Ahead


  • People management skill.
  • Good communication, consulting, coaching and facilitation skills.
  • Proficiency in English language.
  • Demonstrate openness and acceptance to others’ ideas. Motivate and drive for results
  • Presentation and public speaking skills.
  • High level of energy and ability to handle various affairs in emergency.

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Gurleen Chopra

Talent Advocate at WhiteCrow

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