Manager Service Experience

Makati Philippines

a month ago

Years of Experience

7 - 15 years

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Anand Ravi

Talent Advocate at WhiteCrow


About our client

Our client is a pioneer in the Tobacco Manufacturing Industry, with its headquarters situated in the United States. They have successfully expanded their operations to over 180 countries, representing five distinguished regional certifications, namely Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America, and Latin America. With a workforce of more than 75,000 talented individuals worldwide, our client has truly established itself as a global leader in the industry.


What sets our client apart is their unwavering commitment to innovation and progress. They have embarked on a remarkable journey of transformation, with a resolute aim to create a smoke-free future. This ambitious endeavor has completely redefined every aspect of their business, from the production and distribution of their products, to how they interact with their customers and society as a whole.


By embracing this transformation, our client has proved to be a trailblazer in their industry, setting an example for others to follow. With their pioneering vision and steadfast determination, they are poised to create a future that is free from the harmful effects of smoking. 

Job description


  • Work with different teams in P&ED and program manage the integration.
  • Gathering data and providing that information to the relevant project team members
  • P&ED Buildout Program Management
  • Develop and build methods, tools, and apply frameworks to support the continues program rollout of the Service Experience team
  • Evaluate existing programs and develop a plan to further improve and drive adaption of GSE tools and programs
  • Supply the PMO team with relevant data as required and as needed for the projects
  • Road map development
  • Assist the GSE Sr. Manager in the development of a 3-year roadmap to further embed and drive Service Management practices and Operational excellence strategies


  • Degree in HR, Accounting or Engineering
  • Proven experience in project management & service transition management
  • Experience in development and implementation of Service Management Programs
  • Innovative, with proven problem-solving skills
  • Experienced in stakeholder management with strong acumen or interest in employee/ service experience
  • Strong communication skills (verbal and written/visual) to create and deliver insights through numbers

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Anand Ravi

Talent Advocate at WhiteCrow

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