Simulation Modeling Engineer

Fort Worth United States

a year ago

Years of Experience

2 - 15 years

Workplace Type


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Aviation & Aerospace

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Vicky Panchal

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About our client

Our Client operates in the Aviation and Aerospace Component Manufacturing Industry, with its headquarters rooted strongly in the United States. It has its branches spread to more than 90 countries, providing employment to more than 10,000 people all over the world. They fall in the Top 300 Companies as Canada’s Best Employers for 2021. Their core business is manufacturing Civil and Military Rotary-Wing Craft for their clients.

Job description


  • The Simulation Engineer is responsible for maintaining and developing aircraft simulation models and aircraft simulation hardware for real-time simulation and desktop analysis, to meet program and customer defined requirements.  
  • The Simulation Engineer will be an integral part of the overall IPT structure, working closely with customers and subcontractors.
  • Maintenance and development of aircraft simulation models
  • Integrate simulation hardware subsystems with simulation models
  • Develop simulation models of cockpit avionics
  • Provide status updates for major program milestones
  • Perform Configuration Management for developed software




  • Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Computer Science is required. Aerospace, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering degrees may be considered with applicable experience.


  • 2+ years’ experience in developing simulation models, including hardware and software integration is required. Aircraft modeling experience is preferred.
  • Requires or C or C++ experience in a Linux development environment
  • Requires familiarity with software DevOps processes.
  • Requires experience with Git version control system and Subversion.
  • Experience developing Matlab/Simulink based models and integrating with legacy software is desired.
  • Experience with Human Machine Interface development tools is desired
  • Must have the ability to prioritize tasks and work assignments
  • Must have strong analytical and problem-solving skills and the ability to work effectively within a team.
  • Must be able to build and maintain effective relationships with customers, internal and external suppliers, as well as horizontal integrations across the other teams.
  • Demonstrated Communication Skills needed to brief top-level management, customers and/or large groups on an occasional-to-frequent basis
  • Textron Relocation Assistance policy is in effect / applies for this position for candidates who qualify

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Vicky Panchal

Talent Advocate at WhiteCrow

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