Solution Architect

Singapore Singapore

4 months ago

Years of Experience

6 - 12 years

Workplace Type


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Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

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solution architecturenetwork solution designpresalesnetwork administrationdatabase managementsystem and data securityit architecture

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Rupali Das

Talent Advocate at WhiteCrow


About our client

Our Client operates in the Electronics Industry, with its headquarters rooted strongly in the United States. It has its branches spread to 5 offices, providing employment to more than 9,000 people all over the world. They fall in the Fortune 500 Companies. Their core business is designing, manufacturing and marketing of products for end-to-end transmissions.

Job description


  • Solution Architect role within company's Global Products & Solutions (GPS) organization to assess, design, develop, build, and validate industrial ethernet network and/or digital automation network design projects. 
  • With in-depth technology knowledge about solutions, Solution Architect is expected to lead the effort in developing use cases and best practices in a multitude of customer industries and applications. 
  • Innovation and sharing technology insights both internally and externally is part of their daily tasks.


  • Evaluate customer/partner industrial network and/or digital automation network design requirements.
  • Provide feedback and guidance for greenfield and brownfield network project designs.
  • Communicate with key internal and external project stakeholders to develop overall solutions incorporating technologies.
  • Develop standard practices and common designs for use cases utilizing technologies.
  • Support sales and solution consultant teams in the development of technical designs to meet customer requirements.
  • Document and visualize industrial network and/or digital automation network designs in the forms of design prerequisites, topology drawings, reports, configuration procedures, performance metrics, and demonstrations.
  • Validate designs in Customer Innovation Center (CIC) lab with GPS team including validation of technology with third party products.
  • Stay apprised and educated on industry standards, best practices, and emerging technologies that influence future design innovation.
  • Report projects and customers’ feedback to Sales, Product Management, and Engineering/R&D


  • Education – Engineering Graduate with focus on IT or Process Automation
  • Experience – 6-10+ years of experience in Industrial Network engineering, design, and implementation.
  • Customers Define Our Success – Invests in understanding the customers’ needs (internal and external) and puts actions in place to meet and where possible exceed these expectations. 
  • Always focuses on “what are customers’ technology requirements”.

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Rupali Das

Talent Advocate at WhiteCrow

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